Ashoka Singapore

Ashoka Singapore

Ashoka Singapore opened its doors in 2011 with the mission of serving changemakers throughout Asia. Ashoka Singapore directs funding, networking, and resources to Ashoka Fellows as they develop and expand their work. As a central hub in Asia, we are forging valuable partnerships between Fellows, business entrepreneurs, families and individuals looking to make a positive social impact. Ashoka Singapore sees itself as a Synapse for South East Asia. We are strategically placed to engage with corporate partners, philanthropic diaspora and networks of entrepreneurs across the region. Additionally, as the education hub of South East Asia, our initiatives engaging Youth will build a new crop of changemaker talent across the region.

Our Vision for Singapore:

Through Singapore along with our team in the region, we look to re-imagine Asia as a source for future changemakers and active participants of Social Change.


Ashoka's Presence in Asia

Ashoka’s roots in Asia were set in 1981, with the election of the very first Ashoka Fellow in India. Today, there are over 850 Ashoka Fellows across the continent, including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Fellows are working in a wide range of fields including education, health care, human rights, environmental protection, and economic development. From Mumbai to Bali, Ashoka Fellows are making sure that everyone can participate in Asia’s growing prosperity and openness. 

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Our Vision For Asia

Ashoka Singapore is working with partners throughout Asia to realize the “Everyone a Changemaker” vision in the region. Together, we strive to build an Asia where: 

  • People from all walks of life can easily discover their potential as changemakers and take action
  • Corporations can regularly focus their buisiness acumen on essential human needs
  • Philanthropy is more collaborative, strategic and impactful

Ashoka Singapore Team

Jeremy N-P
Jeremy Nguyen-Phuong